Opera 02
Levizzano di Castelvetro, Modena, Italy

Immersed in natural surroundings, but in close contact with man, between gentle hills, the estate of Cà Montanari extends over 45 hectares in the territory of Levizzano di Castelvetro.

OPERA02 was born as a concrete project, centred on farming activities and the recovery and conservation of tradition, with undivided attention to details. The light swaying of the vine leaves, the intense blooming of the fruit trees, the soft lines of the hills, all bespeak a life tied to the slow rhythms of nature. A stay in this relaxing environment away from the chaos and noise of the city offers pleasures big and small, such as a chance to rediscover genuine tastes and smells.

Hospitality is sacred in the Emilia region, it is a culture of hospitality, a capacity to take good care of the guests and ensure their wellbeing. The resort hosts its guests in eight thematic rooms, each of them basking in the silence of the hills and the vista of the acetaia (vinegar making facility), each of them complete with every accoutrement for an unforgettable stay. The bathrooms are furnished by sanitary ware, faucets and bathtubs by Ceramica Flaminia.

The resort has all it takes to host meetings, conferences, banquets, shows and cultural and artistic events in the modern PRIVE' hall fitted out with every comfort. At Cà Montanari, guests can also relax in a swimming pool immersed in the rural landscape and at a small wellness centre.

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