Residential spaces
Villa Boscarino
Ragusa, Italy

The reuse of Villa Boscarino and its garden represents a major intervention for the recovery of a historic building, which, otherwise, would have been abandoned to neglect and decay.

Once located outside the city, Villa Boscarino miraculously escaped demolition. It has been remodelled into a hotel complex according to a project based on two different and complementary approaches. One focuses on the conservative restoration of the main building, its annexes and historic garden. All the original components of the building that could be retained - masonry, plaster, decorations, floors, vaults, etc. – have been restored by taking care to reveal all newly added parts and reconstructed elements. The project called for the use of the original materials: wooden door and window frames, stone floors, and pale-coloured lime-based plaster, for both the interior and the exterior of the villa.

The other design modality promotes a dialogue between old and new elements: a light, glazed structure links the main body of the villa to an annex set up as a bar. This light structure creates a homogeneous space that serves as a small hotel hall in close connection with the rear side of the building and the historic garden,

Thus, the main theme of the project is authenticity. This applies to the old elements, which are preserved and brought back to life through expert restoration techniques, and to the new elements, which – through reversible interventions - do not overwhelm the existing parts, but rather exalt them, making the transformation processes clear and documentable.

Authenticity, one of the key parameters of our historic centres, organises the restoration works, defines the relationship between tradition and modernity, is the only possible way to proceed and a valid antidote to the use of “fake arches and improbable columns”.

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