Residential spaces
Casa Privata SC
Ragusa, Italy
Francesco Nicita

A rich aristocratic past and the minimalist present mingle with refined elegance in a distinguished environment where the original materials are preserved and combined with new ones.

In 400 square metres, a large noble villa built in Southern Sicily in the 19th century brings together structures and spaces that differ in terms of type and intended use. The exterior area has been remodelled and enriched with a swimming pool and two pavilions, one made of glass and steel and one made of brickwork: together with the stone walls surrounding the properly, they redefine the perimeter of the entire complex. In the space formerly occupied by stables now rises the modern wing of the villa, while a portion of the building that used to serve as a storage shed has been restructured but retains the original elements and materials. In the interior, the harmonious contrast between original elements and modern touches creates a bridge between past and present.

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