Milan Design Week returns from 4 to 10 September with the aim to be a driving force for the recovery of Italian economy and the companies operating in the bathroom furniture and fittings sector that are rooted in the various districts of the country. Flaminia, a leader in the field of design applied to bathroom furniture, plays a star role at this event with three major rendezvous.


At its historic showroom in via Solferino, Flaminia presents the outcome of a new, important collaboration with Elena Salmistraro. With her fantastic imagery, her eclectic and compelling vision, the designer has created the Spire collection of washbasins. Round or oval, the elements she designs reveal the all the ductility of the material as it lends itself to be shaped in the colours of the collection. Among the new products on display we find the definitive and industrialised version of Niccolò Adolini’s Fluo collection. With their surfaces that seem smoothed by water, and their soft, rounded shapes, the washbasins, the toilet bowl and the bidet evoke a poetic imagery and underscore the quality of the ceramic material; the light and yet powerful sign is a continuous line that defines generous volumes ending in refined, slender profiles.

From a sophisticated interplay of contrasts arises Flag, the collection designed by Alessio Pinto, which has now acquired a new washbasin called FlagDeep on account of its considerable and unprecedented depth. Its generously-sized bowl retains the finely designed slender edges of the sidewalls and comes to rest softly and elegantly onto the countertop. Lightened by section changes that round off the corners, its essential, monolithic form is rich with emotional details.

In the showroom in via Solferino, amidst brand-new creations and iconic collections, Flaminia’s proposals reveal the in-depth research that the company has undertaken in the realm of colour, which it views as a design element on a par with form and function. This year, next to earthy tones and shades, a new Cenere (Ash) colour, matte, intense and warm, brings to mind the fascination of black lava stone in a volcanic landscape. Lastly, to offer an experience encompassing all aspects of home design, the company presents a new series of container units, Cubiko: versatile and customisable in terms of finishes and colours, they come in wooden and lacquered versions, and while the former go well with classic contemporary settings, the latter are eminently suitable for rigorous, minimal spaces.


At Superstudio Più, the space where the fuorisalone phenomenon was born twenty years ago, Flaminia plays a lead role within the framework of Cult&Must 2000/2020: the great retrospective curated by Giulio and Giovanni Cappellini, with the contribution of Leonardo Talarico, that explores the many expressions of design over the course of the last twenty years and the social-cultural developments that have taken place in a number of lifestyle sectors. In this context, Flaminia reveals how its collections have broken new ground in conceiving and interpreting the bathroom environment with objects for daily use that have become design icons thanks to the Company’s efforts in searching for and selecting the best creatives from the world over.

Showcased in a variety of thickness levels is Bonola, the washbasin by Jasper Morrison, which gives life to a flowing, timeless shape, and Monoroll, the washbasins conceived by Nendo in the form of a sheet of paper rolled into a coil. On display is Monoflag, the washbasin by Alessio Pinto, with its monolithic presence lightened by section changes, while among the bathtubs we find Fontana by Giulio Cappellini. The Flaminia Lighting collection is represented by Saltodacqua, the lamp designed by Hsiang-Heng Hsiao. Another iconic creation is Rocchetto, the ceramic stool by Alessandro Mendini.


Within Superstudio Più, Flaminia is a protagonist at SuperCampus, the innovative concept conceived by Giulio Cappellini to meet a post-pandemic need to rethink the ‘when’ and ‘how’ of work and leisure time by making the most of the flexibility of spaces and the interchangeability of functions. In this setting, Flaminia showcases its creations for the wellness and fitness sectors with its App 165 bathtubs in Pietraluce®, which are a perfect match for Alessio Pinto’s Monoflag washbasins proposed here in a Carbone (charcoal black) colour shade. Also present are Rocchetto stools by Alessandro Mendini, Cappellini’s Cest wastepaper baskets, and Hsiang-Heng Hsiao’s Saltodacqua lamps.


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