24/28 september 2018 - Bologna
Colour draws inspiration from flemish painting and becomes an integral part of Flaminia's collection

At Cersaie 2018, Flaminia, renowned ceramic ware brand, plays yet again a key role in keeping ahead of interior design trends. For over twenty years, working in collaboration with celebrated designers such as Nendo, Jasper Morrison, Roberto Palomba and Patrick Norguet, to mention just a few, the company has played a key role in giving shape to a new interpretation of the bathroom, converting this functional place into liveable space.

This trade fair provides Flaminia with an opportunity to showcase its design vision and underscore the leading role of colour in today’s home decor. Colour is no longer viewed as a mere ornament and has become an integral part of a product’s makeup, helping define the very essence of a furnishing element. This theme finds expression expressed with refined stylistic accuracy in the stand designed by Giulio Cappellini. It is comprised of two distinct areas in perfect harmony with one another, both of them having green outer walls and floors: Flaminia Experience and Flaminia Lounge&Window. The former is a sensory itinerary exalting the aesthetic features of Flaminia products, going beyond their day-by-day role in the bathroom. The itinerary unfolds through 8 large rooms, which are accessed via pivot door by Linvisibile. All the rooms are characterised by fresco-style colours obtained with the finishes in the Tiepolo collection by Oikos, a leader in the design and production of colours and materials for architecture. NudaFlat, Link, App, Io, Bonola, Madre, Bloom, Nile, Acquagrande are the long-selling and brand-new products by the Civita Castellana-based company that may be explored in this magic “museum style” itinerary, working its charm with lights and sounds, and where the star role is reserved for the products.

The itinerary takes shape in a crescendo of vibrations: it starts out with sand beige to culminate with brick red colour tones, through a progression that encompasses the hot shades of mustard yellow and the refined intensity of dusty blue and India blue. Equally striking is the colour palette of Flaminia products with its Argilla, Grafite, Fango, Platino, Grigio Lava and Latte options. Instead of the habitual product display, Flaminia Experience is a testimonial to the way the company has contributed, and continues to contribute, to the evolution of art and culture in today’s world.

The other itinerary, Flaminia Lounge&Window, is a spectacular representation of two large bathrooms accessed through brass coatings, also produced by Linvisibile, which may be seen from the outside through huge glazed surfaces. Petrolio, Argilla and Rosso Rubens are the colours that Flaminia unveils at Cersaie in a mat finish with a view to giving new vigour to the image of a number of iconic collections: Water Drop, Monowash, Link and Bonola. Yet again, the brand’s experimentation with colours draws inspiration from the great artistic tradition of the past, borrowing these stunning colour hues from the paintings of the Flemish masters. Madre, a new project by Angeletti-Ruzza Design, will also be put on display.

The two great spaces making up the Flaminia Lounge&Window itinerary are furnished as if they were veritable living rooms: the elements on display and the materials used for the finishes are valuable and top quality. Particularly striking is a backdrop covered with two specially designed and handmade decorative panels, whose colours evoke the earth tones of Sicily, the land where the Hybrid&Icon company has its headquarters. This is the area where visitors can see products from the Flaminia Lighting collection, including the Make-Up lamp, proposed with Platino and glossy Black finishes, and Lux by Patrick Norguet. Among the products making their debut is App, a new line of mirrors illuminated by LEDs.

Flaminia Lounge&Window is no mere relaxation area, it is yet another opportunity to gain an understanding of the design vision of the company. Shown on a huge screen is “Colors is the future”, the short film directed by Mario Trimarchi, which - through a narrative made of images and suggestions – reveals the accurate and refined research work carried out by Flaminia in the field of colour. Keenly aware of the importance of colours from its origins, Flaminia was the first company to propose mat colours and in doing so launched a new trend in the sanitary ware sector.

Flaminia’s incessant research into qualitative and aesthetic aspects has always taken into due account evolving market requirements and trends, enabling the company to define the highly recognisable lifestyle that today takes the stage at Cersaie. Each collection by Flaminia, in fact, is the embodiment of style, values and aspirations, including, among others, that of presenting an industrial project that is educated, current, and, first and foremost, has close ties to the Italian territory.