The new proposals by Flaminia

New finishes. Colour has always been a focus of design work at Flaminia, which continues experimenting with new matte hues like Nuvola and Fango, inspired by the colours of nature, and has defined new, textured surfaces, like Bronzo and Ghisa. The latter two react to the light with ever changing effects, a typical characteristic of the metals – Bronze and Cast Iron – they were inspired by.


SALTODACQUA. Design Hsiang-Heng Hsiao

Slim walls, pure and smooth forms, that call to mind the ancient teacups of the Orient, are the salient traits of the Saltodacqua washbasin. It was designed by a young Taiwanese artist, selected from among the students of the Marangoni Design Campus of Milan within the framework of a contest launched by Flaminia.


MINIWASH. Design Giulio Cappellini

An up-to-the-minute stylistic language characterises the collection of Miniwash basins, a long-standing success which now acquires two new size variants, 60 and 75 cm, proposed in different configurations: countertop, wall-mounted, inset, with and without tap holes. With these variants, this collection can meet any need you may have, whether to furnish a new bathroom or to remodel an existing one.


BLOOM. Design Angeletti-Ruzza

Bloom is a stylish countertop washbasin, available in two sizes. The generous geometric proportions and the very thin profile of the top create a pleasing and refined contrast with the soft, round shape of the basin.


BONOLA 60 e BONOLA goclean®. Design Jasper Morrison

The highly refined collection Bonola has acquired a new generously-sized oval-shaped washbasin, which retains the distinctive traits of the entire range. The toiled bowl is now proposed with goclean®, the innovative flushing system patented by Flaminia. The absence of a rim makes this bowl more practical and easier to clean.


PINCH. Design Nendo

Smooth sinuous lines characterise this collection of bathroom fixtures, reflecting the unmistakable style of the Japanse designer and featuring elegant matte finishes. The toilet bowl from this collection can only be had in the goclean® version.


NILE goclean®. Design Patrick Norguet

The goclean® system may now be used with Nile, the square-shaped toilet bowl. Thus, the possibility of opting for this innovative toilet cleaning system has been extened to a wider range of forms.


IO 2.0. Design A.Duringer e S.Rosini

The wall-mounted toilet bowl and bidet in Io collection have undergone extensive restyling with interesting results. Their shape has been simplified, to acquire a more current feel, albeit without altering the aesthetic features of the orignal design. Now the Io toilet bowl can only be had with the goclean® system.


WATER DROP. Design Luca Cimarra

The range of Water Drop, the unparalleled shower tray, has been widened with six new sizes, measuring up to 80 cm x 160 cm, available in various colours and finishes.


MAKE-UP. Design Paola Navone

Make-Up, the ceramic wall lamp, is now proposed in an unprecedented, unique version: a single element that can be installed on both the ceiling and the wall by making use of a highly refined pull switch with a vintage appeal.


EFI. Design Flaminia Design Team

Efi, Flaminia’s historical collection, was recently enriched with versions to be fitted flush with the wall, and now it has been made available in a wall-mounted version. In this manner, Efi has become one of the richest collections, the ideal choice for those who love classic designs as well as those who aim for a more current shabby style.